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Staying by experts for your motorcycle vacation

Those motorcycle friendly accommodations exactly know whats important for holidays on 2 wheels. Competence, personal commitment and consulting are at upmost importance.

Village Accommodation Category Services Website
Haiming Hotel Haiminger Hof*** Hotel DR - PL - TA - WA www.tirol.at/urlaub-buchen/hotels/a-hotel-haiminger-hof
Haiming Gasthof Burkert Inn GA - DR - ST - PL - TA - WA www.gasthof-burkert.at
Sautens Bikergasthof Hotel Post*** Hotel GA - RP - DR - ST - OB - TA - WA www.gasthof-post.at
Oetz Aktivhotel Waldhof**** Hotel GA - RP - DR - ST - PL - OB - TA - WA www.waldhof.at
Oetz Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal**** Hotel GA - RP - DR - PL - TA - WA www.nature-resort.at
Oetz Seehüter's Hotel Seerose*** Hotel GA - DR - ST - PL - OB - TA - WA www.seerose.at
Oetz Hotel 3 Mohren*** Hotel GA - DR - ST - WA www.hotel3mohren.at
Oetz Alpenhotel Oetz** Hotel RP - DR - ST - PL - OB - TA - WA www.alpenhotel-oetz.at
Oetz Hotel Jägerhof** Hotel GA - RP - ST www.der-jaegerhof.at
Umhausen- NIederthai Hotel Tauferberg*** Hotel RP - DR - ST - PL - TA - WA www.tauferberg.com
Umhausen- Niederthai Hotel Johanna*** Hotel GA - RP - DR - ST - PL - TA - WA www.hotel-johanna.at
Umhausen- Niederthai Hotel Bergidylle Falknerhof*** Hotel GA - RP - DR - ST - PL - TA - WA  www.falknerhof.com
Umhausen- Niederthai Gasthof Pension Plattner Inn GA - DR - ST - PL - TA www.gasthof-plattnerhof.at
Längenfeld Hotel Bergwelt**** Hotel RP - DR - ST - PL - OB - TA - WA www.bergwelt.at
Längenfeld Hotel Alpenblick***s Hotel GA - RP - DR - ST - PL - WA www.hotelalpenblick.com
Längenfeld Hotel Zum Hirschen*** Hotel GA - DR - ST - PL - OB - WA www.hotel-hirschen.com
Längenfeld Hotel Edelweiss*** Hotel GA - RP - DR - PL - OB - TA - WA www.edelweiss-tirol.at
Längenfeld Hotel Felsenhof Inn GA - DR - ST www.gasthof-felsenhof.at
Sölden Hotel Erhart**** Hotel RP - DR - ST - PL - WA www.hotel-erhart.at
Sölden Hotel Alpina**** Hotel GA - RP - DR - OB - WA www.alpina.riml.com
Sölden Hotel Hubertus**** Hotel GA - DR - ST www.hubertus-soelden.com
Sölden Hotel Bäckelar Wirt***s Hotel GA - RP - ST - PL - OB - WA www.baeckelarwirt-soelden.at
Sölden Hotel Tyrol*** Hotel GA - RP - DR - ST - PL - OB - TA - WA www.tyrol-soelden.at
Sölden Hotel am Hof*** Hotel GA - RP - DR - ST - PL - TA www.hotel-am-hof.at
Sölden Apart Hotel Wieser B&B GA - DR - PL - WA www.hotel-wieser.com
Sölden Apart Hotel Rechenau B&B GA - RP - DR - ST - PL - OB - TA - WA www.rechenau.at
Sölden Hotel Garni Maria Theresia B&B GA - RP - DR - ST - OB www.mariatheresia-soelden.at
Sölden die berge lifestyle-hotel Sölden B&B GA - RP - DR - ST - PL - TA www.dieberge.at
Sölden Gasthof Zwieselstein Inn GA - RP - DR - ST - PL - OB - WA www.zwieselstein.at
Sölden Gasthof Granstein Inn GA - DR - PL - TA www.gasthofgranstein.com
Vent Gasthof Geierwallihof*** Inn GA - RP - DR - ST - PL - TA www.geierwallihof.at
Obergurgl- Hochgurgl Mühle Resort 1.900**** Hotel GA - RP - DR - ST - PL - WA www.hotel-muehle.at
Obergurgl- Hochgurgl Hotel Enzian**** Hotel GA - DR - ST - PL - OB - TA - WA www.hotelenzian.at
Obergurgl- Hochgurgl Alpenhotel Laurin*** Hotel DR - ST - TA - WA www.laurin.at
Obergurgl- Hochgurgl Hotel Lohmann*** all inclusive Hotel  GA - DR - ST - PL www.lohmann.at
Obergurgl- Hochgurgl Frühstückspension Martinshof B&B GA - DR - TA - WA www.martinshof.tirol


Tour tip Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road

A drive across Austrias highest border pass (2.509m) is an unforgettable experience. The spectacular high alpine road leads you through the Ötztaler glacier scenery all the way to the vineyards of the Passeiertal valley in South Tirol and further to Meran. A special treat awaits you at the toll station where the Top Mountain Crosspoint, which accommodate Europe's highest Motorcycle Museum, is located.


GA garage
RP roofed pound
DR drying room for wet clothing
ST suggestions for tours
PL packed lunch
OB owner is biker
TA tools available
WA washing area