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Group accommodation at a glance

These listed accommodations are specialized in group and bus tours. With an attractive range of offers and services an unforgettable and wholesame vacation in the Hot Spot in the Alps is assured.

Village Accommodation Season Beds Cooperations Website
Haiming Hotel Ferienschlössl**** SU+WI 85 Aqua Dome www.ferienschloessl.at
Sautens Bikergasthof Hotel Post*** SU+WI 50   www.gasthof-post.at
Oetz Aktivhotel Waldhof**** SU+WI 100 Aqua Dome www.waldhof.at
Oetz Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal**** SU+WI 96 Aqua Dome www.nature-resort.at
Oetz Hotel 3 Mohren*** SU+WI 50 Aqua Dome www.hotel3mohren.at
Oetz Seehüter's Hotel Seerose*** SU+WI 58 Aqua Dome www.seerose.at
Oetz Alpenhotel Oetz SU+WI 72 Aqua Dome www.alpenhotel-oetz.at
Habichen Hotel Habicher Hof**** SU+WI 82 Aqua Dome Ötztal Inside Summer Card www.habicherhof.at
Hotel Tauferberg*** SU+WI 72 Aqua Dome www.tauferberg.com
Hotel Johanna*** SU+WI 66 Aqua Dome www.hotel-johanna.at
Längenfeld Hotel Rita**** SU+WI 130 Aqua Dome www.hotel-rita.com
Längenfeld Hotel Bergwelt**** SU+WI 69 Aqua Dome Ötztal Inside Summer Card www.bergwelt.at
Längenfeld Hotel Stern**** SU+WI 74 Aqua Dome Ötztal Inside Summer Card www.hotel-stern.com
Längenfeld Hotel Zum Hirschen*** SU+WI 100 Aqua Dome www.hotel-hirschen.com
Längenfeld Hotel Edelweiss*** SU+WI 55 Aqua Dome Ötztal Inside Summer Card www.edelweiss-tirol.at
Sölden Hotel Tyrolerhof**** SU+WI 200 Aqua Dome Ötztal Inside Summer Card www.tyrolerhof-soelden.com
Sölden Hotel Erhart**** SU+WI 56 Aqua Dome Ötztal Inside Summer Card FA www.hotel-erhart.at
Sölden Hotel Waldcafe*** SU+WI 48 Aqua Dome Ötztal Inside Summer Card www.waldcafe.at
Sölden Hotel Sölderhof*** SU+WI 83 Aqua Dome Ötztal Inside Summer Card FA www.soelderhof.riml.com
Sölden Hotel Tyrol*** SU+WI 164 Aqua Dome Ötztal Inside Summer Card www.tyrol-soelden.com
Vent Hotel Kleon*** SU+WI 54   www.tirol.at/urlaub-buchen/hotels/a-kleon-hotel-appt
Vent Gasthof Geierwallihof SU+WI 48   www.geierwallihof.at
Hotel Riml**** WI 200   www.hotel-riml.com
Hotel Alpenaussicht**** SU+WI 89 Ötztal Inside Summer Card www.alpenaussicht.at
Hotel Alpenland**** SU+WI 80 Ötztal Inside Summer Card www.hotelalpenland.at
Universitätszentrum Obergurgl SU+WI 90   www.uz-obergurgl.at