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Altitude: 1.900 m
Inhabitants: 150


Vent, a classic destination when it comes to high Alpine mountaineering spots, is deeply rooted in tradition with a long history in alpinism. One of the most renowned destinations for avid mountain conquerors on their way to Wildspitze, Similaun, Weisskugel and many more scenic summits...

By founding the Austrian Alpine Association in 1862, a new chapter in the history of alpinism and mountain climbing was written. Franz Senn, the local curate called the "glacier priest" and co-founder of the German Alpine Club (1869), started to promote modern alpinism. He was the first who built proper hiking paths and trails leading to the newly built mountain refuge huts.

Today Vent is renowned for a very special kind of smooth tourism. Friendly private accommodations give a warm welcome to hikers from around the world. Countless walking trails and hiking routes lead to eight Alpine refuge huts where mountain fans can explore glacier fields, mighty peaks and unspoilt Alpine landscapes. Be it a multi-day hut hike or a more leisurely walking tour to one of the quaint mountain inns - there is something for all tastes and abilities!

Special Features

Popular mountaineering village in the foothills of Wildspitze (3774 m) – Tirol's highest mountain. Walking, hiking, ski touring destination. Rofenhöfe Farms (2014 m) – Austria's highest, permanently settled farmhouses. Rofen suspension bridge, St. Jakobus parish church. Ötzi's place of finding - The Iceman. Haflinger horse breeding - Franz Klotz. Vent Mountaineers' Chapel, old summit cross of Wildspitze. Ramolalm vantage point. B-ART-EB`NE Art Trail and open-air gallery. Hohler Stein (2050 m) primeval hunting base. Traditional sheep drive festival.


Winter: Alpine skiing, tobogganing, Nordic skiing, winter walking, snowshoe hiking, ski mountaineering, freeriding
Summer: Walking, hiking, alpinism

Summer-Season: mid-June to late September
Winter Season: mid-December to mid-April

Top 15 Nations Vent


Germany 62,9%
Netherlands 8,7%
Belgium 7,6%
Poland 3,3%
Czech Republic 2,8%
Switzerland 2,3%
Romania 2,2%
Austria 1,9%
France 1,2%
Denmark 1,1%
United Kingdom 1,0%
Luxembourg 0,8%
Slovakia 0,7%
Russia 0,6%
EE/LV/LT 0,7%


Germany 69,9%
Belgium 7,1%
Austria 6,5%
Netherlands 6,1%
Czech Republic 2,8%
Italy 1,4%
France 1,2%
Poland 1,0%
United Kingdom 0,8%
Switzerland 0,7%
Slovakia 0,6%
Denmark 0,6%
Hungary 0,2%
Canada 0,2%
USA 0,2%