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Umhausen - Niederthai

Umhausen: 1.036 m, Niederthai: 1.550 m
Inhabitants: 2.913

Holidays at your own pace! This is the slogan of Ötztal's oldest settlements, Umhausen (1036 m altitude) and Niederthai (500 m higher), the center of Nordic sports in the valley. Especially the lovely mountain village of Niederthai, awarded with the Tirolean Nordic Track Quality Seal, ranks among Austria's snow-surest winter destinations. Umhausen and its hamlets of Tumpen, Köfels and Farst are popular for their waters, rocks and the prehistoric outdoor park. Adventure-seeking guests should try the via ferrata route - also suitable for families - right next to the rushing Stuiben Falls (159 m falling height!). Water spray is in the air while you get in close contact with the elemental power of the falls. A highlight not to be missed: the scenic Waterfall Trail boasts vantage platforms! The Umhausen swimming lake offers refreshing water fun on hot summer days. It can be found right next to the Ötzi Village archaeological outdoor park and the new Birds of Prey Park - signposted as "Urkraft Umhausen".

Special Features

Stuiben Falls – Tirol's biggest waterfall. Ötzi Village. Umhausen swimming lake. Ötztal Artistic Smithy, Niederthai Old Smithy (coin minting). Ötztal linen and carpet weaving, Ötztal sheep wool center, Ötztal mineral exhibition and collection


Winter: Nordic skiing, Alpine skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, ice curling, ice climbing, ski mountaineering, snowshoe hiking, winter walking
Summer: Walking, hiking, alpinism, mountain biking & cycling, climbing

Summer Season: late May to late October
Winter Season: mid-December to mid-April

Top 15 Nations Umhausen-Niederthai


Germany 44,6%
Austria 23,2%
Netherlands 8,2%
France 4,9%
Poland 3,4%
Czech Republica 3,3%
Switzerland 2,3%
Belgium 2,0
Romania 1,3%
Russia 1,3%
Italy 0,7%
EE/LV/LT 0,6%
Sweden 0,6%
Ukraine 0,4%
Denmark 0,4%


Germany 47,0%
Austria 28,5%
France 6,5%
Netherlands 5,4%
Switzerland 3,3%
Belgium 3,0%
Italy 1,5%
Czech Republica 0,9%
Israel 0,6%
Poland 0,4%
United Kingdom 0,4%
Denmark 0,3%
Hungary 0,2%
Luxembourg 0,2%
Sweden 0,1%