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Oetz Sautens Haiming-Ochsengarten
Altitude: 820 m Altitude: 809 m Altitude: 670 - 1.538 m
Inhabitants: 2.245 Inhabitants: 1.393 Inhabitants: 4.538

The Oetz holiday region is the unrivaled family destination of the Ötztal. Unlimited skiing fun is waiting for young and old in the family-friendly Hochoetz ski area. Lake Piburger See - towering high above Oetz - attracts visitors in summer and winter alike, either as a natural ice skating arena or as Tirol's warmest swimming lake. WIDI, the funny mountain sheep and kids' mascot, takes young explorers to the most splendid spots of Oetz and Sautens. Discover the Magic Forest and the exciting Kids' Park. Youngsters and those in search of adrenalin boosts get together at the Sautens outdoor course or the unrivaled AREA 47 outdoor adventure playground featuring WATER AREA, OFF-ROAD AREA, FOOD AREA, rafting, canyoning and a lot more. Mountain aficionados are warmly welcome to the pristine Hochoetz Pasturelands where myriad walking routes and footpaths await you.

Special Features

Oetz Sautens Haiming-Ochsengarten
Lake Piburger See – Tirol's warmest swimming lake. Wellerbrücke river section. Oetz Museum in the Tower. WIDI's KIDS PARK. Snow Village – Austria's 1st Igloo Village. Old village center of Oetz. Ötztal's longest natural ice skating area (1 km) on lake Piburger See. WIDIVERSUM family adventure land Ötztal Outdoor Course, Sautens Magic Forest, Forchet Geology & Nature Theme Trail. Tirolean schnaps route, schnaps distilleries/schnaps tasting Haiming Apple Road. Area 47 - The ultimate XXL outdoor playground. Lake Ambergersee, Bee Theme Trail, Haiming Grain Mill. Bicycle & motorbike exhibition. Old handicrafts



Winter: Alpine skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, ice skating, ice curling, ice climbing, tandem flights, snowshoe hiking, winter walking
Summer: Walking, hiking, mountain biking & cycling, horseback riding, rafting, climbing

Summer Season: May to mid-October
Winter Season: mid-December to mid-April

Top 15 Nations Oetz


Germany 66,6%
Netherlands 9,2%
Belgium 7,4%
Switzerland 5,5%
Austria 2,5%
France 2,0%
Czech Republic 1,4%
Poland 1,3%
United Kingdom 1,2%
Russia 0,8%
Italy 0,6%
Luxembourg 0,5%
Romania 0,5%
Denmark 0,3%
EE/LV/LT 0,1%


Germany 64,2%
Austria 8,1%
Netherlands 8,0%
Switzerland 6,3%
Belgium 3,4%
France 3,2%
Italy 1,9%
United Kingdom 1,1%
Czech Republic 0,9%
Israel 0,7%
Denmark 0,7%
Hungary 0,5%
Luxembourg 0,4%
Poland 0,4%
USA 0,2%