Excursions & Places worth visiting

Driving times are approximate times starting in Sölden



This small historical town nestles at the heart of Tirol's Oberland region, encircled by mighty mountain massifs. The area is famous for its endless sunshine hours, the beautiful Alpine landscapes, as well as for cultural and sporty highlights.The 200-year old STARKENBERG beer brewery in TARRENZ and the 700-year old SCHLOSS STARKENBERG castle have been modernized with love to the detail. Visitors can join a guided tour starting above the beer brewery and leading deep inside the castle vaults. Today the beer brewery and Schloss Starkenberg castle are a whole new adventure world giving an insight into the history of beer brewing from its origins up to the present day.
Driving time: 1 hour


Ausflugsziele Neuschwanstadt

Neuschwanstein and Hohen-schwangau King LudwiG's castles

Schwangau is world-famous for the Bavarian King's Castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. The fairytale castles built by shy King Ludwig II remind of his highly idealistic dreams, taking visitors to a marvelous wonderland of long past times. Today the castles still attract fans of architecture from all over the world.
Driving time: 2 hours 10 min.



Highline179 - Reutte

Thrilling moments plus uninterrupted panoramic views await you 110 meters above the valley floor. With a length of incredible 406 meters this is the world's longest suspension bridge that takes pedestrians from the Ehrenberg castle ruins - high above the Fernpass road - to Fort Claudia. It's not for the faint-hearted as the bridge sways considerably when crossing the ravine.
Driving time: 1 hour 30 min



lake Reschensee and the sunken bell tower

The undisputed landmark of the Vinschgau Region is the sunken tower in the Reschensee lake which makes a perfect outing destination. When the huge water reservoir was built in order to increase and stabilize the region's electricity production, the inhabitants were forced to leave their homes. Since 1950 the only remain of the village is its bell tower protected as a historical monument. A great photo scene! Varied walking routes and hiking paths can be found in the lake's surroundings. Temperatures permitting, the lake turns into a natural ice skating rink between mid-January and late February.
Driving time: 1 hour 30 min




The loveliest town at the Heart of the Alps, which hosted the Olympic Winter Games already in 1964 and 1976. This internationally renowned skiing and mountain holiday destination also enjoys an excellent reputation as University town and economic center. The 800-year old cultural hot spot on the shores of the river Inn has a fabulous Old Town boasting myriad must-sees like the Golden Roof, Imperial Castle, Imperial Church, Ambras Castle, Tirol Panorama, Bergisel Ski Jump, Alpine Zoo, etc.
Driving time: 1 hour


Grassmayr Glockengießerei

Grassmayr bell foundry - innsbruck

The deeply-rooted Grassmayr Bell Foundry of Innsbruck was opened as early as in 1599, manufacturing bronze bells of all sizes and varied works of art. For over 400 years, the bells and their lovely music have been influencing one of Austria's oldest family-run handcrafts businesses managed by the Grassmayr dynasty - www.grassmayr.at



Bergisel ski jump - innsbruck

A varied theme trail spread all over Innsbruck's most famous ski jumping mountain provides visitors with many interesting details on sports, history, architecture, culture and nature exploration coupled with culinary excellence at the outstanding "Bergisel SKY" and "1809" restaurants.
Bergisel is the original location of the Tirolean Freedom Battles. Today you can take a closer look at the event in the top modern Tirol Panorama, a both cultural and architectural highlight. In the museum's center you find the Giant Panoramic Painting covering 1000 square meters. A combined ticket gives access to the whole Bergisel area incl. the Tirol Panorama Museum. More detailed information
Driving time: 1 hour 20 min


Ausflugsziele Hall in Tirol


You can recognize the spiritual greatness of a town looking at their attitude towards its cultural life in the present. The highly motivated citizens of Hall in Tirol maintain and preserve their precious cultural heritage, ranging from architecture and music to theater, folklore and traditional customs.
Driving time: 1 hour 30 min.


Burg Hasegg / Münze Hall

Burg Hasegg castle / Hall mint museum & tower

Burg Hasegg castle was first mentioned in historical documents in the 13th century. It was built for protecting reasons close to the salt mine, the boat landing stage on the river Inn and the ancient Salt Road.
The Hall Mint Museum can be explored by using audio guides in different languages. The interesting tour takes visitors through half a millennium of European Minting History, revealing many secrets of the former coin minters and their fairly fascinating machines. Afterwards you shouldn't miss out on climbing the huge MINT TOWER.
Driving Time: 1h 30 min


Svarovski Kristallwelten

Svarovski crystal worlds Wattens

Since 1995, millions of visitors have seen the unrivaled Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens at the heart of Tirol's Alps where you find the headquarters of the world-famous Swarovski business empire. This magical place was designed by the outstanding Austrian artist André Heller. Entering the exhibition through the Giant's Mouth, you will experience a wonder world of glittering crystals put on display in the most fabulous settings: music, scents, lights, architectural elements and perceptions create memories staying with you forever
Driving time: 1 hour 40 min.



Schwaz silver mine

The "mother of all mines" promises an exciting travel back in time to the European history. It is the undisputed number one sight in Tirol and the biggest medieval Silver Mine! You take a thrilling ride in the mining car leading some 800 meters inside the mountain where a truly exceptional adventure awaits you underground. Follow the miners' tracks, who used to work in the silver and copper mine more than 500 years ago. At the same time you will also learn interesting details about Europe's social and financial development.
Driving time: 1 hour 45 min


Glasstadt Rattenberg

Rattenberg glass art town

The lovely town of Rattenberg is surrounded by the precipitous Castle Hill and the river Inn. the mighty fortress, dating back to the 10th century, is towering high above the colorful, shingle-roofed houses. The well-preserved historical town, first mentioned in 1254, has wonderful narrow lanes, painted facades, private towers and a medieval castle.
Glass blowing has always been a tradition in Rattenberg: the Kisslinger glass manufactory has been standing for fine glass art since 1820. The scenic little town attracts many visitors and glass art friends from around the globe. Guided tours give an insight into the highly sophisticated glass blowing techniques.
Driving time: 1 hour 55 min




Known as the "Gate to Tirol", the beautiful town of Kufstein looks back on a lively history. The area was first settled some 30,000 years ago. In the Middle Ages, the strategic town on the green river Inn saw fights between Bavaria, Tirol and the Habsburg Empire. Kufstein's most eye-catching landmark is the Kufstein Fortress which has become one of the area's most picturesque event venues. In 1504 Emperor Maximilian I fired at the huge castle walls with handmade cannonballs weighing 100 kilograms each. Today, the charming shopping and culture town offers a perfect blend of historical buildings, narrow lanes, painted facades, fountains and churches.
Driving time: 2 hours 15 min



Meran – South tyrol

A ride along the high Alpine Timmelsjoch (2509 m) pass road and through the romantic Passeiertal Valley to Meran is an absolute must for vacationers in the Ötztal. Inhale the Mediterranean flair of Meran, a famous climatic health resort. Discover the ancient arcades in the Old Town and enjoy a stroll along the River Promenade. Dorf Tirol and the popular Schloss Tirol Castle are located above Meran. Every Friday you have the chance to visit a typical Italian market held next to Meran's train station.
Driving time: 2 hours